Rochel Schiffrin is an imaginative hand cut paper artist who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. Her papercut artwork is often noted for its unique style, intricacy, and technique. Rochel works in various themes such as nature, abstract, mandalas, and Judaica.  Paper cutting not only reflects the intricate nature with which she enjoys operating, but it also enables her to express deeply rooted ideas and concepts.​


Gallery Artwork

Gallery- hand cut paper artwork

Judaica Artwork

Judaica- hand cut paper artwork

16"x16" Artwork

16"x16"- Hand cut paper artwork

11"x14" Artwork

11"x14"- Hand cut paper artwork

8"x10" Artwork

8"x10"- Hand cut paper artwork

Custom Artwork Examples

Custom Artwork Examples- Hand cut paper artwork

English Alphabet Series

English alphabet series- hand cut paper artwork

Hebrew Alphabet Series

Hebrew alphabet series- hand cut paper artwork

Pop Out Artwork

Pop out hand cut paper artwork


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For questions, comments, to purchase artwork, or for custom made art please contact: Rschiffrin@yahoo.com